Getting the right advice for your business sale


Surrounding yourself with a solid network of people or advisors when you run a business will help you to focus on running the business. Rather than working in it.

We’re not referring solely to staff and clients, but the other bodies who need to be involved to ensure the business runs smoothly. Coaches, mentors, network groups, honest family or friends who will give you a straight answer to a straight question.

Our advice is to choose your advisors well, for example, bookkeeper, accountant or commercial tax accountant?  Consider who has the right expertise in order to keep the business organised and on track.

When preparing a business for sale, choose professional advisors with experience in business sales. This will save time and make for a smoother deal process.

Draw on the expertise of those in your circles, for example, marketing experts to drum up interest to making your finances work for your business. Getting your Value Builder Score may just point you in the direction you need to focus on first, so get in touch for a confidential discussion.

If you are in need of advice regarding how to build a solid support network around your business, then get in touch with us, in strictest confidence of course, to discuss further.

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