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The power of a brand


Birchgrove Eggs acquired by Oakland Farm Eggs

A buyer will often target a business that is smaller than, or a similar size, to their own as they are looking for a way to grow quickly.

In this case, the business on the market was Birchgrove Eggs, a family owned smallholding distributing 22,000 free range eggs per day.  The brand was so strong that when a local wholesaler tried to remove them from store, their cash and carry customers revolted and they were quickly reinstated. Birchgrove Eggs were also named on menus throughout one pub chain.

The buyer, Oaklands, is a producer and distributor of a billion eggs per year at state of the art, computerised, automated facilities. They supply them to food service businesses and retailers across the UK.

They wanted to integrate Birchgrove Eggs into their set up and continue to use the brand name, fully appreciating the price premium being charged and key customer relationships which they could benefit from.

If you have brand prominence, price premium, have cornered a particular area of your market or there is something else which makes you unique, work hard to keep that difference and build on it. It could make you an attractive proposition to a national buyer when you want to sell.

If you are interested in selling a business, buying a business, growing a business or simply understanding the value of your business, please contact us, in the strictest of confidence.

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