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Sold your business, what gift do you give yourself?


Confidential sale of a education & training business working in the primary school sector.


So, following the sale of my business, I am staring out of my window admiring my new Aston Martin parked on the driveway. Occasionally, I glance at my new Breitling watch to reflect on just how much time I now have on my hands to do the things I’ve always wanted to do, but couldn’t previously because of working 7 days a week. I’m so pleased that you were recommended to me by S.C.B who also sold her business with you.

From our initial meeting, it was obvious that you clearly understand what buyers are looking for and how best to present my business to make it as appealing to them as possible. The way in which you marketed my business, to ensure that any potential buyer really understood the true value, was skilful.

The accuracy of your predictions, regarding the way different buyers would approach the purchase of my business, was quite remarkable. Not only that, of the three offers we received you told me clearly which to reject and which to work with. I have to say that your initial valuation was way more than I ever could have expected, and I thought you were completely bonkers! However, looking at my bank account today, this was another point that you proved to be 100% accurate with.

Having never sold a business before, I was obviously totally reliant on your advice and guidance. Your guidance through the potential pitfalls and the endless jargon was invaluable. The way in which you managed the whole process was impressive. At times, you managed peripheral activities without involving me in the technicalities until it was absolutely necessary. I truly believe that without your interventions, skills and understanding of the whole process, I would never have sold the business, and certainly not for the amount achieved.

As a result of your reliable, unbiased, advice we were able to work towards an outcome that was the best for me and not just focused on getting a deal for you. Selling a business is incredibly stressful and there is no doubt in my mind that without your support, expertise, guidance and counsel the process would have been beyond my skill set. I would recommend you, without reservation, to anybody I know looking to sell a business. Thank you.

A.B, Yorkshire

The process of selling a business often comes as a shock to many business owners. It can be far more intricate and involved than people perhaps first imagine. Part of the business broker’s role is to keep stress to a manageable level, something we believe we are quite good at.

Still, at the end of the sale, when the solicitors have completed and the money is transferred, many of our clients treat themselves to a long awaited gift. Often it is the prize that has kept them focussed throughout the process. It might be a dream holiday, tea at The Ritz, amazing jewellery or even tickets to the hottest show in town.

It’s always rewarding to know what we have helped our clients to achieve.

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