Commercial Landlords to See Legal Changes in 2018


It’s been a number of years now since it became a legal requirement for commercial properties to be in possession of a Commercial Energy Performance Certificate (or CEPC) when a business changes hands.

New legislation coming in 2018 will now also require private landlords of commercially rented properties to ensure those CEPCs reach a minimum E rating or higher.

Properties with an F or G rating will no longer be acceptable and landlords will have to make changes to the energy efficiencies of these properties in order to comply.

So, if you have a large portfolio of commercial properties, you may want to start evaluating them now to spread the workload and the costs.

And the consequences?  From 1st April 2018 it will no longer be legal to grant a new lease or renew an existing lease on any privately rented commercial properties evaluated below an E rating (exclusions apply).

If you need help finding a company who can provide your with a CEPC, get in touch and we will help you find someone in your area.