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Health & Safety in the workplace


Aside from maybe glancing at that obligatory health and safety document stuck to the back of your office kitchen door, do you really know what should be in place to keep employees safe whilst at work?

For certain industries this will be second nature, take construction or medical companies for example. For many office-based companies, this might not be a top priority, but it should be.

By law, employers are responsible for the safety of their employees whilst at work. This comes under the Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974.

Simply put, addressing the following will help you to cover the health and safety basics;

First Aid – From plasters to training

Risk assessment – from screen safety to HGVs and everything in between

Insurance – a legal requirement for anyone employing staff

Health and Safety is reviewed more frequently than legal documents within a business. Regularly checking that training is up to date and certificates, maintenance records and procedures are clearly displayed will not only ensure compliance but also staff safety.

If you don’t already have a Health & Safety expert to guide you on these things, let us know and we can introduce you to someone in our network.

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