Business for Sale? It’s Not Just About Financial Performance


Attracting a buyer for your business is not just about financial performance.  Yes, your business will be more attractive if it is more profitable. It will be more attractive again if those profits have been sustained over a number of years.

But there is an underlying element in a buyers mind that is not always articulated but which does have an impact on their decision to buy your business or somebody else’s business. It’s also about financial records and how they are presented.

John Warrillow (author of Built to Sell: Creating a Business That Can Thrive Without You) explains.

Here at Uscita we are certified to help business owners grow the value of their company using our Value Builder System. There are 8 key areas that a business buyer will look at when considering a purchase and Financial Performance is one of them.

What is a Value Builder Score?

The Value Builder Score is a survey of over 20,000 businesses (as at Q3 15), what they look like (the finances, opportunities and risks associated with their business) and the offers they have received. It allows us to benchmark a business according to its attributes and predict the value of a business. It is personal to their business rather than one based on generic multiples.

Once we have a score we help the business owner improve their score using the Value Builder System, with the average potential increase in value being 71%.

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Alternatively, Uscita Solutions have produced a guide which covers discusses 8 key drivers that can improve the value of your business in more detail.  To download your free copy of this guide, please click on the link below;

8 Key Ways to Add Value to Your Business