Selling your business

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Selling your business, without the right guidance, can be stressful.

How should everything be structured? What’s the right process to follow? Is the deal that’s on the table fair?  And, if you care about what happens to your business post-sale and the team you’re leaving behind, it can get even more worrying.

But, that’s what we’re all about: an honest, human-conscious sale that means you can relax, as we guide and support you through the process.

Why us? Well, our success rate is much higher than the industry average:

We specialise in selling manufacturing, engineering and B2B services businesses.

So, if you’re ready to sell your business, get in touch today.

Here’s how we help you...

Free business valuation and the clear, actionable steps to increase the value of your business

Options for how to sell your business (e.g. in one go, by instalments over a period of time, or by selling to employees) to help you plan and organise a sale that’s best for you

Guidance on due diligence and financial advice, to minimise the possibility of things falling through

Analysis of existing contracts with clients and suppliers to make sure they seamlessly transfer to the buyer

National and international advertising via our active Business Partnership membership, the largest independent network of brokers in the UK

Vetted buyers for your business with detailed reviews of any offer, including benefits and pitfalls of each

Direct access to our panel of specialist solicitors to give you peace of mind

Leading negotiations to leave little room for any misunderstandings

Honest recommendations on the best offer for your sale, plus post-sale support

I truly believe that without your interventions, skills and understanding of the whole process, I would never have sold the business, and certainly not for the amount achieved. As a result of your reliable, unbiased, advice we were able to work towards an outcome that was the best for me and not just focused on getting a deal for you.

Anthony Briggs, B11 Education Ltd

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