Business Brokers Re-Brand As Uscita


Uscita launch marks 10 years in business brokering industry

  • Cheshire-based Uscita re-model after 10 years as business brokers
  • Husband and Wife team launch Uscita to mark a fresh start and capitalise on experience
  • Uscita introduces two new niche services for business owners

CHESHIRE-BASED, Uscita is launching it’s new company name, website and brand to mark 10 years in the business broker industry.

Since 2005 Uscita owners, Paul and Alexandra have been known as Business Partnership, part of a 25 strong broker franchise for which they own Manchester, Cheshire, Staffordshire, Shropshire and Mid-Wales.

With a changing market and 10 years experience behind them, they wanted to broaden their business broker offering and now, as a team of four, Uscita is born.

Alexandra Dodgshon Uscita Owner, explains the thinking behind the name. “Uscita is Italian meaning ‘exit’ but can also mean ‘way out’, ‘outgoing’, ‘output’, ‘leaving’ and that seemed perfect for our business. Uscita helps owners move their business on. That could be a sale, passing it on to a family member, running with a management team, or any number of other ‘exits’.”

Experience has increasingly taught them however, that two specific business owner needs were not well served, hence the launch of Usell and Ubuild.

“We realised,” says Alexandra “that smaller businesses, typically high street stores, are not well served by a full business broker service.” Alexandra goes on to draw parallels with the increasingly popular ‘Do It Yourself’ options for house sales. “Usell is our D.I.Y. solution for the commercial market, supported and guided by us in the background. Crucially it is low-cost with transparent pricing.”

Ubuild addresses a problem many owners of larger companies find themselves in, when planning to sell or retire. “We have designed a coaching programme called Ubuild, to help owners prepare their business before they sell. This makes it easier for the owner to step back from day to day running and instead prepare their business for sale.” explains Paul Dodgshon, Uscita Owner.

“We are excited at the range of more specialised services we can now offer to clients. Alongside Business Partnership, we are in a much stronger position to help owners move their business on, whatever their immediate needs.”