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You spend every hour working in and on your business. But, it feels like no matter what you do, there’s little financial reward at the end of it.  The time you invest just doesn’t give the return you’d expect.

And, who’d want to buy a business that’s running like that? That’s what you’re thinking…

Well, despite what you’ve heard, the value of your business goes far beyond your current profitability. Sure, money in the bank matters. But, there are other key factors, which, if you get them right, can more than double your valuation.

And, that’s exactly what we do.

We help you get those key factors right. And, in turn, make it a reality to own a more profitable, stress-free business that doesn’t demand all of your time.

Here’s the bespoke framework that boosts business value by 71%*, including…

*This is an average figure and not guaranteed

Financial Performance

Prepare and position your business as an attractive, low-risk investment for a buyer

Growth Potential

Buyers buy future profits. Make your case. Demonstrate how future growth will be achieved

Structural Weakness

Uncover your structural weakness and we’ll help you repair it

Cash Flow

How to make sure your working capital is as good as your profits. Remove unpredictable spikes that could deter a buyer

Recurring Revenue

Simple ways to make the future much clearer and more secure for a buyer, after you’ve gone


What actually makes you different? Define your Unique Selling Point and control your pricing

Customer Satisfaction

How happy are your customers? Display quantifiable data to convince a buyer your clients will stay

Your Business Without You

How to set up your business so it runs smoothly without your involvement

When we first met, you helped us understand what we needed to do to find the best price and buyer for our company.

Jason & Isobel Cooper, Pure Power Ltd

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