Is it time to spring clean your business records?


If you are serious about exiting your business, the start of a new tax year is a great time to de-clutter your documents, finalise your financial records, and confirm your compliance with government legislation. Making sure your records are up to date and ready for analysis shows potential buyers that your business is on top […]

How to get the best price when selling your business

Hot to get the best price for your business

Maximising the sale price when exiting your business is a common, and important, goal for company owners. The difference between a high and a low price could be the difference between you living the lifestyle you desire and simply getting by. As business exit strategy consultants, how to sell your business for the highest price […]

Is the UK economic climate affecting business exits?

Is the UK economic climate affecting business exits?

When preparing a business for sale, it’s advisable to keep one eye on the general economic climate. The external business climate is not something any of us can control, but it’s worth considering some of the variables in your business exit plan. If you choose to ignore it, economic change and uncertainty could impact your […]

What is a Management Buyout (MBO)?


A management buyout is one of the options available to business owners thinking about exiting their business. As with any business exit, the earlier you start to plan for it, the better chance you have of achieving the sale value you would like. In this post we’re going to cover everything you need to know […]

Are you a business owner or a business manager?

Are you a business owner or a business manager

Breaking the managerial mindset is crucial if you are serious about adding value to your business. When you try to be a business owner and a business manager at the same time you end up spreading yourself too thinly, which could be detrimental to what your business is worth. Being a business owner means taking […]

How to go about selling your facilities management company

Facilities management is a complex, and often specialist, area of work. Property maintenance, fire safety and security companies generally come with lots of valuable moving parts, all of which must be carefully addressed when planning your exit strategy. If you’re thinking of selling your facilities management company, this post explores some key considerations to prepare […]

How to avoid regret when selling your business

3 in 4 business owners regret exiting their business one year on. It’s shocking that so many people make the wrong decision. So why do so many people wish they hadn’t sold their company and, more importantly, how can the rest of us avoid regret when selling your business? Why do 75% of business owners […]

How to transfer a business to a family member

When your time at the business you created draws close, it’s essential to start creating a plan for the future. From an open market  sale to family succession, there are many options for all owners. Handing your business down to a family member is a proud moment. You’ve built your company for years, and passing the baton […]

Fees for selling a business: the complete list

This article was originally posted on 15th of December 2020. When you decide “I want to sell my business“, you don’t have to use any professionals at all.  You can do the legal, accounting, due diligence and everything else yourself. Indeed, a lot of people have tried. You may also choose to use an a-la-carte approach […]

The complete checklist for selling a business

This article was originally posted on 28th of August 2020 and has been completely revamped and updated to keep it up-to-date. Once you’ve decided it’s time to leave your business, the next step is getting your documents ready for sale. But, is there an easy way to navigate this process? It can be difficult to […]

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