Selling a Business

Profitable business sales

Our challenge is to achieve the best price for your business sale. Due to the ground work we put in to understand and value your business and to understand your reasons for selling, we deliver a success rate higher than the market average in 2 respects;

50% of businesses sell within 9 months.

90% of deals complete once terms are agreed.

Why is this? Your initial business valuation will have been an honest assessment of value.

You will be advised to turn down a deal if we believe it won’t complete further down the line.

Negotiations will have been as detailed as possible, within the constraints of confidentiality, with both you and your buyer. This leaves little room for misunderstandings or surprises which might derail the sale later on.

You will also benefit from our membership of Business Partnership and Business Partnership Corporate. This gives us access to buyers on a National and international scale and marketing exposure through the biggest business sale websites in the UK.

With experience in selling the smallest businesses to those turning over upwards of £10m, we have service packages to suit each sector, business type and budget.

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