Is there any value in a second-hand business?

Is there any value in a second-hand business?

Spring is a time of change and renewal. The change in season can be uplifting, inspiring us to set about clearing out the shed, garage or attic, preparing our homes and gardens for the warmer months, or even preparing to sell up. After all, March is typically one of the most popular months to start […]

Sell your manufacturing business – six steps to get the value you deserve

So, you’re ready to sell your manufacturing business. If you’ve come to the conclusion that it’s time to sell, you’ve likely given the situation a lot of thought. While this decision is exciting, it’s important not to rush into it. There are some final steps you can take to get the value your business deserves […]

How much should I sell my business for?


If you’ve decided to sell your business, one of the most critical aspects of the sale is getting the right price for you. Selling your business takes a lot of organisation and planning. Staying on top of the process is critical for a good sale. Whilst there’s more to a business exit than the sale price, it would […]

Business valuation methods – the definitive guide


You’ve put in the hours, the late nights, and missed out on precious family moments to build up your business, and now its time for a change. Perhaps you’re considering retirement, or maybe you want capital to fund a new venture; whatever the situation, you’re considering selling up and moving on. But how do you […]

How do you value a business based on turnover?

Business valuation is often a complex process that involves taking into account: financial performance, sector, market interest and a variety of factors related to how your business is run. That may sound like a lot of work but if you want accuracy, you can’t skimp.  Occasionally you may need to shortcut that detailed process. It […]

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