Is there any value in a second-hand business?

Is there any value in a second-hand business?

Spring is a time of change and renewal. The change in season can be uplifting, inspiring us to set about clearing out the shed, garage or attic, preparing our homes and gardens for the warmer months, or even preparing to sell up. After all, March is typically one of the most popular months to start […]

Would adopting a 4-day working week impact business value?

Would adopting a 4-day working week impact business value?

Between June and December 2022, 61 UK companies employing approx. 2,900 workers signed up to trial a reduced working week. The results of the biggest ever trial of the four-day working week* were published at the end of February and the signs are overwhelmingly positive. Which led us to thinking, what impact could adopting a […]

3 seasonal factors that affect business value

3 seasonal factors that could affect the value of your business sale

Christmas is a time when many seasonal businesses make their profits. Take Christmas tree farms – it’s a boom or bust time of year for them. The clever ones maximise income by offering customers related products, such as tree stands, ornaments and other festive accoutrements. It’s their way of making the most profit from their […]

Balancing perceived business worth with actual business value

Assessing perceived business worth against actual business value.

When the New York Attorney General filed legal action against Donald Trump in September 2022, it made for an interesting discussion about actual versus perceived business value. The civil fraud lawsuit accused the former US president and three of his children of ‘staggering fraud’ and inflating his net worth by billions to ‘enrich himself and […]

Sell your manufacturing business – six steps to get the value you deserve

So, you’re ready to sell your manufacturing business. If you’ve come to the conclusion that it’s time to sell, you’ve likely given the situation a lot of thought. While this decision is exciting, it’s important not to rush into it. There are some final steps you can take to get the value your business deserves […]

The 6 ingredients of a scalable business model

Author’s Note: This article was originally posted on the 16th of July 2018 and has been completely revamped and updated to keep up with the changes. Whenever you think about growing your business, it’s likely that what you actually want is a scalable business. Because scalability is not simply about growth. We all want our businesses […]

How much should I sell my business for?


If you’ve decided to sell your business, one of the most critical aspects of the sale is getting the right price for you. Selling your business takes a lot of organisation and planning. Staying on top of the process is critical for a good sale. Whilst there’s more to a business exit than the sale price, it would […]

6 customer lock in strategies


Warren Buffett has a philosophy when investing in businesses. He is quoted as saying; “In business, I look for economic castles protected by unbreachable moats” Warren Buffett Buffett goes on to describe business as a castle with an impenetrable moat around it, protecting it. The castle (business) needs to be strong and well built with solid foundations. […]

The elements of a robust financial record keeping system


How confident are you about your business financial performance? One way to measure it is with a robust financial record keeping system. It acts as an accurate documentation of all the transactions associated with your company’s finances. Traditionally, businesses have produced annual accounts to sit in a secure vault gathering dust. In a modern business world, that […]

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