How to get the best price when selling your business

Hot to get the best price for your business

Maximising the sale price when exiting your business is a common, and important, goal for company owners. The difference between a high and a low price could be the difference between you living the lifestyle you desire and simply getting by. As business exit strategy consultants, how to sell your business for the highest price […]

How to avoid regret when selling your business

3 in 4 business owners regret exiting their business one year on. It’s shocking that so many people make the wrong decision. So why do so many people wish they hadn’t sold their company and, more importantly, how can the rest of us avoid regret when selling your business? Why do 75% of business owners […]

Fees for selling a business: the complete list

This article was originally posted on 15th of December 2020. When you decide “I want to sell my business“, you don’t have to use any professionals at all.  You can do the legal, accounting, due diligence and everything else yourself. Indeed, a lot of people have tried. You may also choose to use an a-la-carte approach […]

Business valuation methods – the definitive guide


You’ve put in the hours, the late nights, and missed out on precious family moments to build up your business, and now its time for a change. Perhaps you’re considering retirement, or maybe you want capital to fund a new venture; whatever the situation, you’re considering selling up and moving on. But how do you […]

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