6 ways to build a loyal customer base

6 ways to build a loyal customer base

“In business, I look for economic castles protected by unbreachable moats” – Warren Buffett Buffett describes an attractive business investment as a castle with an impenetrable moat of protection. To be a viable proposition, a business needs solid foundations and a strong leader. It also needs differentiators which make it stand out from the crowd […]

The emotional rollercoaster of owning and selling a business


Do you remember that overwhelming feeling of pride and exhilaration the day you started your business? Were you signing a lease, registering your company name, or shaking hands on that all-important bank loan? Whatever your first memory of starting your business, that day you boarded the emotional entrepreneurial rollercoaster. I’m sure you’re nodding in agreement […]

Four steps to finding your business sell-by date

Four steps to finding your business sell-by date

With the end of another calendar year rapidly approaching, it’s common to think about what the next 12 months will bring. It’s a perfect time for reflection and contemplation. What changes will you make in your business next year? Could it be time to start planning your next move? And how do you know if […]

Is your business a viable strategic acquisition?

Is your business a viable strategic acquisition

Your business is not for sale right now. But could your head be turned if someone expressed an interest in buying you out? If you were tempted, what would a potential buyer find if they started to explore behind the scenes? Strategic business acquisitions are common in sectors like technology and pharmaceuticals . The possibility could […]

How to retain staff when selling your business


Retaining staff and key employees is crucial to a successful business exit and achieving maximum value from your business sale. If essential members of staff were to leave your business either before or immediately after its sale, this could destabilise operations and impact business continuity. Something a buyer will be very aware of. When potential […]

How do you know when you can afford to sell your business?

How do you know when you can afford to sell your business?

Think back to your aspirations when you started your business. Was your motivation to escape the stresses of the corporate world? Did you have a burning idea to innovate and make your mark? Or was your ambition to build a successful business that would fund your retirement? Whatever your reason for building a business, there […]

5 records you must provide when selling an IT business

5 records you must provide when selling an IT business

With a history of brokering successful business sales in the IT sector, we know some secrets about the technology marketplace. Buyers of IT and technology businesses are pretty unique in their outlook. With scrupulous attention to detail and highly analytical minds, IT sector buyers are not afraid to request specific records, reports and data. From […]

Why NOW could be the right time to sell your business

Why now might be the time to sell your business

The start of the year is a time for new beginnings and trying new things. In a business owner’s world that might look like implementing new systems and processes or launching a new product or service. But what if that the change you have in mind is a much bigger than anything you’ve tried before? […]

What happens during the due diligence phase of the sale of a business?

If you’re getting ready for a business sale, due diligence will be on your to-do list. This crucial step will get you the value you have been offered by a buyer. It also makes the overall journey easier – a win-win situation. However, if this is your first sale, you might not know how to […]

Sell your manufacturing business – six steps to get the value you deserve

So, you’re ready to sell your manufacturing business. If you’ve come to the conclusion that it’s time to sell, you’ve likely given the situation a lot of thought. While this decision is exciting, it’s important not to rush into it. There are some final steps you can take to get the value your business deserves […]

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