The emotional rollercoaster of owning and selling a business


Do you remember that overwhelming feeling of pride and exhilaration the day you started your business? Were you signing a lease, registering your company name, or shaking hands on that all-important bank loan? Whatever your first memory of starting your business, that day you boarded the emotional entrepreneurial rollercoaster. I’m sure you’re nodding in agreement […]

Key evidence of business value you might be throwing away

Key proof of business value you might be throwing away

How confident are you that you could produce seven years of financial records within 24 hours, if asked? If it’s just your accounts, you probably can because none of us want to get on the wrong side of HMRC. But what about the supporting financial records? Most business owners flounder and many are unaware of […]

Is the UK economic climate affecting business exits?

Is the UK economic climate affecting business exits?

When preparing a business for sale, it’s advisable to keep one eye on the general economic climate. The external business climate is not something any of us can control, but it’s worth considering some of the variables in your business exit plan. If you choose to ignore it, economic change and uncertainty could impact your […]

What is a Management Buyout (MBO)?


A management buyout is one of the options available to business owners thinking about exiting their business. As with any business exit, the earlier you start to plan for it, the better chance you have of achieving the sale value you would like. In this post we’re going to cover everything you need to know […]

How to retain staff when selling your business


Retaining staff and key employees is crucial to a successful business exit and achieving maximum value from your business sale. If essential members of staff were to leave your business either before or immediately after its sale, this could destabilise operations and impact business continuity. Something a buyer will be very aware of. When potential […]

How do you know when you can afford to sell your business?

How do you know when you can afford to sell your business?

Think back to your aspirations when you started your business. Was your motivation to escape the stresses of the corporate world? Did you have a burning idea to innovate and make your mark? Or was your ambition to build a successful business that would fund your retirement? Whatever your reason for building a business, there […]

How to transfer a business to a family member

When your time at the business you created draws close, it’s essential to start creating a plan for the future. From an open market  sale to family succession, there are many options for all owners. Handing your business down to a family member is a proud moment. You’ve built your company for years, and passing the baton […]

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