Is there any value in a second-hand business?

Is there any value in a second-hand business?

Spring is a time of change and renewal. The change in season can be uplifting, inspiring us to set about clearing out the shed, garage or attic, preparing our homes and gardens for the warmer months, or even preparing to sell up. After all, March is typically one of the most popular months to start […]

How to get the best price when selling your business

Hot to get the best price for your business

Maximising the sale price when exiting your business is a common, and important, goal for company owners. The difference between a high and a low price could be the difference between you living the lifestyle you desire and simply getting by. As business exit strategy consultants, how to sell your business for the highest price […]

The emotional rollercoaster of owning and selling a business


Do you remember that overwhelming feeling of pride and exhilaration the day you started your business? Were you signing a lease, registering your company name, or shaking hands on that all-important bank loan? Whatever your first memory of starting your business, that day you boarded the emotional entrepreneurial rollercoaster. I’m sure you’re nodding in agreement […]

Is your business a viable strategic acquisition?

Is your business a viable strategic acquisition

Your business is not for sale right now. But could your head be turned if someone expressed an interest in buying you out? If you were tempted, what would a potential buyer find if they started to explore behind the scenes? Strategic business acquisitions are common in sectors like technology and pharmaceuticals . The possibility could […]

Are you a business owner or a business manager?

Are you a business owner or a business manager

Breaking the managerial mindset is crucial if you are serious about adding value to your business. When you try to be a business owner and a business manager at the same time you end up spreading yourself too thinly, which could be detrimental to what your business is worth. Being a business owner means taking […]

Sell your manufacturing business – six steps to get the value you deserve

So, you’re ready to sell your manufacturing business. If you’ve come to the conclusion that it’s time to sell, you’ve likely given the situation a lot of thought. While this decision is exciting, it’s important not to rush into it. There are some final steps you can take to get the value your business deserves […]

How much should I sell my business for?


If you’ve decided to sell your business, one of the most critical aspects of the sale is getting the right price for you. Selling your business takes a lot of organisation and planning. Staying on top of the process is critical for a good sale. Whilst there’s more to a business exit than the sale price, it would […]

Business exit strategy – the ultimate guide


A business exit strategy may not be the first thing you think about when you start your business. And why should you? The dream of anyone going into business is to create a service that is functional for many people. By doing so, they create an impact and leave a legacy, while making a handsome […]

What is Sellability and why you should care?


Sellability is the concept of being able to sell something, easily. If we think about vinyl records as an example. Since their inception to the mainstream in the 1930s they were popular and easy to sell. They captured a moment, a feeling, a memory. Vinyl records had sellability. Roll forward to the late 80s, 90s […]

The elements of a robust financial record keeping system


How confident are you about your business financial performance? One way to measure it is with a robust financial record keeping system. It acts as an accurate documentation of all the transactions associated with your company’s finances. Traditionally, businesses have produced annual accounts to sit in a secure vault gathering dust. In a modern business world, that […]

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