The emotional rollercoaster of owning and selling a business


Do you remember that overwhelming feeling of pride and exhilaration the day you started your business? Were you signing a lease, registering your company name, or shaking hands on that all-important bank loan? Whatever your first memory of starting your business, that day you boarded the emotional entrepreneurial rollercoaster. I’m sure you’re nodding in agreement […]

How do you know when you can afford to sell your business?

How do you know when you can afford to sell your business?

Think back to your aspirations when you started your business. Was your motivation to escape the stresses of the corporate world? Did you have a burning idea to innovate and make your mark? Or was your ambition to build a successful business that would fund your retirement? Whatever your reason for building a business, there […]

Business valuation methods – the definitive guide


You’ve put in the hours, the late nights, and missed out on precious family moments to build up your business, and now its time for a change. Perhaps you’re considering retirement, or maybe you want capital to fund a new venture; whatever the situation, you’re considering selling up and moving on. But how do you […]

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